Phlippo Rental Trading Event Light

1) Select the required equipment

Browse through our rental catalogue and select the equipment you want to rent. We have a wide range of equipment suitable for your event.

2) Select your period of use

Select the pick up and return date. This and the transport dates will determine the coefficient rate of the rented equipment.

3) Select the handling period

This is the period of transportation to and from the venue or event site.

4) Send us your request

Send your request to Our rental department will check your request for availability and completeness. If there are any ambiguities, our rental specialist will contact you to change and complete your request. You can also use our rental module on This is a full automated rental catalogue, where you can assemble the equipment you need. If you press the request button, it will automatically be sent to our rental department for review.


5) Offer and option period

Your offer will have an option term: 7 day option, free of charge 3 months before pick-up 3 day option, free of charge 1 month before pick-up 1 day option, free of charge 1 week before pick-up

6) Confirmation

Orders can only be confirmed by returning a signed offer. This will reserve the requested equipment. Cancellation or changes within any order must be in writing (by email), are subject to following terms: Within 15 to 8 days before pick-up date 25% of total price is charged Within 7 days before pick-up date 50% of total price is charged Within 1 day before pick-up date 100% of total price is charged

7) Pick up and return of the equipment

The rented equipment will be available at the pickup date starting from 2 PM. The rented equipment has to be returned before 12 PM on the return date. Warehouse opening hours: on weekdays from 9.00 AM till 5.30 PM. In weekends upon request (250€ additional charge).

8) Terms of payment

All invoices must be paid prior to pick up unless other payment terms are stipulated in writing. Our invoices are fully accepted, in case of dispute, the client must contest by registered post within seven days of the invoice date. Invoices which are unpaid after expiry of thirty days are automatically increased legally and without prior notice by the addition of compensa¬tion which is set according to the agreement at a fixed charge of 10% of the unpaid amount.

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